Sword "Winner"

Sword "Winner"

 Sword "Dmitry Donskoy - Winner!" made by modern masters and artists of weapons in St. Petersburg of the company "Russian Blade".

This item refers to the contemporary works of decorative art, performed in the genre of artistic copyright weapons.

To disclose their artistic ideas of the author of the work used different artistic techniques. So, on one of the most prominent figures of Russian history is revealed through the application of formal portrait Dmitry Donskoy - Winner, shown in military armor. The military theme continues in the subjects fighting duels Russian and Tatar warriors. On the blade in a gilded share etching applied gilt inscription "Go boldly to the enemy without hesitation and you will win".

The whole series of graphic works executed favorite authors workshop "Russian Blade" technique - artistic engraving on metal. The authors skillfully struck the image on the Damascus steel blade, gilt and turning its natural pattern in the original background layer.

In the creation of the artistic image of the work involved and the form of the sword, with its cross-shaped handle, turned into a holy symbol of blessing the shelves Dmitry Donskoy in glorious victory. This technique helped the authors to reveal the inner content of the valued work of art.

Sword "Dmitry Donskoy - Winner!" is an art, collector's value, can be the completion of both the museum and private collections as a model of modern copyright artistic weapons.

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