Sword "Admiral Ushakov"

Sword "Admiral Ushakov"

 Sword "Admiral Fedor Ushakov," performed in honor of the victories of the famous Russian naval commander classified at the Russian Orthodox Church canonized. At the Damascus blade bears the inscription "Saint Petersburg", made in the technique of etching, as well as images of sailboat Russian Navy, the eagle and anchor. On both the blade performed golomenyah old Slavic inscription: "The strength of his Christian spirit manifested glorious victories in the battle of the Fatherland, and in great mercy, which amazed even the defeated enemy to them." Garda handle is made in the form of a stylized anchor.

Sheath decorated with scenes depicting the figure of the admiral in full growth. Embossed stamp on the blade smith J. Sarkisian, at Garden - mark author A. Bogachev.

Sword "Admiral Fedor Ushakov," is an exclusive hand work done in a single copy.

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